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Civic Leadership Speakers’ Series Aims to Raise the Bar

For Immediate Release: Monday, April 9, 2018

The Nanaimo Chamber, OurNanaimo and Leadership Vancouver Island are launching a Civic Leadership Speakers’ Series focused on the fundamentals of local governance and the competencies for elected officials necessary to effectively serve the community.

This pilot initiative features a series of four talks, delivered by subject-matter experts and open to eligible citizens considering running for council in the October 20 Nanaimo municipal election. The overall objective of this initiative is to prepare potential candidates to take on the duties of a member of council, and to achieve better local governance for Nanaimo citizens.

“I am truly excited about this program and how it will contribute to a better understanding of the skills, knowledge and serious commitment required to serve as an elected municipal representative,” said Sydney Robertson, OurNanaimo spokesperson.

“This partnership and our speakers’ roster is a signal that good local governance for Nanaimo is a priority for citizens across the community,” Kim Smythe, Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer added “we’re committed to maintaining the Series as a non-partisan effort to educate and promote awareness of community leadership.”

Leadership Vancouver Island’s President Russ Burke stated, “This event fulfills LVI’s mandate to help emerging leaders, their teams and their communities to address today’s complex challenges and demonstrate the power of collaboration to create long-term positive change.”

The series begins with a mandatory introductory session on April 24, followed by four sessions related to the roles and responsibilities of elected officials.  Advance registration is required, and sessions will be available only to participants who do not currently or have not previously held public office.


Registration & info: nanaimochamber.bc.ca
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OurNanaimo: OurNanaimo.com
Leadership Vancouver Island: leadershipvi.com

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Kim Smythe, Chamber of Commerce, 250-756-1191


OurNanaimo is a grass roots group of citizens who are committed to a better Nanaimo. We are not a political campaign, but we have to engage with political leaders to effect positive change.

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OurNanaimo believes that our city deserves not just better, but the very best governance. The job of a city councillor is challenging and requires a high degree of skill, knowledge and competencies.

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Finally, a group of community members who want accountability (what a novel thought) from our elected officials. How do I get involved...do you have a regular meeting that I could attend? My wife and I moved here in 2004 and have watched this beautiful little community blossom into a vibrant small city. Unfortunately, the strategic planning and accountability of our city, regional district (including Port Authority) leave much to the imagination.


I just wanted to extend my congratulations on forming the Our Nanaimo group. What I was most impressed by is the thoughtful questions you are putting forth to the by-election candidates. If they do nothing else, it is my hope that each candidate takes the time to think these questions through and at least be clear with themselves as to why they wish to be elected. Although sorely needed, I am sadden though that a group of Nanaimoites have felt compelled to create this group. But am thankful that we live in a society that embraces the right to do so. Thank you, I look forward to the candidates responses.


You've got my interest. Keep me informed!

Community Member

Thank you Kathryn for your candidates assessments & to all who are involved here, helping our democracy. With Regards.

Thank you

Just wanted to say that as a former Nanaimoite and someone who's following the by-election, I found your list of questions very engaging, meaningful and probing. Well done.