OurNanaimo is a grassroots, non-partisan group of citizens with members from a cross-section of Nanaimo, including working families, students, business owners, young professionals and retirees. OurNanaimo grew out of the event centre NoVote2017 group, and is focused on effecting positive change at the municipal level and committed to building a vibrant, strong and healthy city.

OurNanaimo believes that our city deserves not just better, but the very best governance. The job of a city councillor is challenging and requires a high degree of skill, knowledge and competencies, in addition to being committed to building a better city and serving the public interest.  Councillors have the potential to impact both individual citizens and the reputation and success of our city as a whole.  To support the objective of better governance, OurNanaimo is asking all candidates running in the July 8 by-election to provide information that allows voters to assess all candidates using a systematic and standardized approach, and that will support more informed voting decisions.