Elector Assessment Tool


A key objective of OurNanaimo is to encourage better governance of our city.  For the October 20, 2018 general municipal election, OurNanaimo is seeking to provide voters with better information and tools to help make an informed and rigorous choice on voting day.
The job of member of council is serious and important. Candidates applying for important jobs are commonly evaluated using detailed rating guides. OurNanaimo has developed a tool to help voters analyze and assess which candidate could best represent their interests, and also serve the best interests of our city. The Elector Assessment Tool is comprised of a series of questions to assist voters in systematically analyzing candidates and their platforms. Determining the choices you make on the ballot starts with an understanding of what candidate qualities, city issues and priorities are important to you as the voter.

Candidate’s Credentials
– Does the candidate have a combination of relevant work experience, education, knowledge of municipal affairs and local community involvement that would give them the right balance of competencies, skills and credentials to make decisions about our city? Does the candidate bring to the council table a special skill or knowledge that would positively contribute to our city governance?

– Does the candidate demonstrate an understanding of the workings of local government, such as the Community Charter, Robert’s Rules, and the importance of working with city staff?

Platform and Policy Positions

– Does the candidate demonstrate a high level of understanding about the complex issues, challenges and opportunities facing our city? Has the candidate failed to address key governance aspects or approaches that are important to you and the city as a whole? Has the candidate been side-tracked by issues that are irrelevant, low priority or not within municipal jurisdiction?

– Does the candidate go beyond general messages and provided detailed answers and specific examples about the challenges and opportunities facing Nanaimo? Do the candidate’s explanations and ideas make sense? Are their ideas addressing priorities and problems, or are they solutions looking for a problem? Could their ideas be reasonably implemented? Do they seem affordable?

– Does the candidate demonstrate an ability to thoroughly and thoughtfully analyze issues, make decisions based on facts and evidence, to think critically and independently?

– Does the candidate demonstrate an understanding of their role as a municipal elected official? Have they discussed the importance or working with key stakeholders, such as the Snuneymuxw and provincial and federal governments, businesses, community associations and other interest groups?

Personal Suitability

Elected officials are leaders in our community and should be expected to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards in serving the community, including values such as respect, integrity, transparency, fiscal prudence and regard for taxpayers dollars. Has the candidate demonstrated these standards in their personal and professional lives? Does the candidate have any potential or real conflicts of interest? How has the candidate responded to any areas of concern about their personal suitability?

– Does the candidate demonstrate a well developed ability to work as a team member, to seek negotiated solutions to complex problems, and/or to alter their position or compromise if necessary when presented with new information? Does the candidate present ideas that are more focused on their own agenda or legacy or do you believe they will act in the best interests of the city?