January 2018

As we usher in 2018, OurNanaimo welcomes the official start of an election year. While the mantra “This is one of the most important elections in recent memory” is a tired and overused one, in this case it is fair to say that mantra is true.

Politically, we hit rock bottom in Nanaimo about nine months ago, and have continued to plummet through that floor ever since. Unfortunately, based on the near- exponential pace of poor decision-making from our city hall, we can only assume things will get far worse in the next few months.

During that time, we can all endeavour to raise the issue of better municipal governance with friends, neighbours, and family. We can all encourage those very few, very special individuals in our community who have the ethics, intelligence, reason, experience, and maturity, who could be good municipal candidates, to run for office.

In 2017, those incumbents garnered Nanaimo negative regional and national media coverage beyond measure. On New Year’s Eve, “Nanaimo Nuttiness” made the list of the Victoria Times-Colonist’s Top 25 Stories of 2017. Let us hope that we make the 2018 list for far more inspiring reasons.

2018 will be a marathon, not a sprint. We are still over 40 weeks from Election Day, and the campaign will not begin in earnest until after Labour Day. But in the next few months, we will be asking all of you for your help, including to help us motivate our fellow citizens to become active voters – because if we want to change this dynamic, we need higher voter participation, and we need more voters refusing to settle for tired platitudes from candidates. We need voters asking tough questions, and demanding detailed, evidence-based answers.

OurNanaimo will soon be publishing a list of reference materials for potential City council candidates.

Please watch this space. And thank you.