Nanaimo Municipal By-Election

For Immediate Release

Saturday, June 3, 2017

OurNanaimo, a grassroots, non-partisan group of citizens with members from a cross-section of Nanaimo, believes that our city deserves not just better, but the very best governance. To support the objective of better governance, OurNanaimo is asking all candidates running in the July 8 by-election to provide information that allows voters to assess all candidates using a systematic and standardized approach, and that will support more informed voting decisions.

All candidates are being asked identical questions. Responses (a maximum of 250 words per question) from all candidates will be publicly released on OurNanaimo’s social media platforms, beginning on June 12, and will be provided to local journalists at that time.

1. City Planning – Planning for the future of Nanaimo is a key role for municipal officials, and is widely seen as being poorly managed in Nanaimo for decades. Explain your approach to city planning, providing concrete examples of the direction and initiatives you would advance and support.

2. Exercising Fiscal Responsibility: The City of Nanaimo serves a population of over 90,000 people, with a multi-million dollar annual budget, major capital assets and approximately 400 employees. Managing these resources and assets effectively and efficiently is crucial to the city’s success. Describe in detail your approach to managing the City’s resources, providing specific examples.

3. Working effectively with the current governance model: The current council has been repeatedly described as dysfunctional, with a dynamic that has undermined the effectiveness and efficiency of both council and city operations. As a new councillor, describe your approach to working with current council members to achieve more respectful, accountable and responsible governance. Provide specific details and examples.

4. Stimulating Economic Development and Tourism: Nanaimo is a city with great potential for increased economic development, including tourism. The current council has dismantled several organizations that contributed to economic development. Describe your approach to economic development in Nanaimo, providing specific examples of approaches and initiatives.

5. Addressing Social and Community Issues: Nanaimo is a growing city facing challenges related to homelessness, child poverty, substance abuse, high crime areas, and the marginalization of some citizens, including First Nations and LGBTQ. Describe the approaches and initiatives you would propose to address the challenges faced by our community. Provide specific examples.

6. Contributing to the Community: Are there any other topics, issues or general approaches that you would like bring to the attention of voters that highlight how you would make a difference on council?

OurNanaimo grew out of NoVote2017 and includes members from a cross-section of Nanaimo, including retirees, working families, students, young professionals and business owners. OurNanaimo is focused on effecting positive change, and committed to a better Nanaimo. OurNanaimo has set three initial goals: holding city hall accountable for good governance; better city planning; and getting ready for Election 2018.


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