OurNanaimo Concerned by Censure Hearings

OurNanaimo Concerned by Censure Hearings

For Immediate Release

Thursday, January 11, 2018

OurNanaimo is deeply troubled by the ongoing censure hearings being conducted by Nanaimo City Council.

There are many serious issues facing the City of Nanaimo and its residents – crumbling infrastructure, housing, the opioid crisis, governance, planning – but our current Council appears to be almost exclusively focussed on the allegations and complaints of one individual, the City CAO, Tracy Samra, to the detriment of all other Nanaimoites.

Rather than a fresh start in 2018, another week has been spent on a secretive and potentially extrajudicial and politically motivated process, while the needs and concerns of 90,000 Nanaimo residents continue to be ignored.

OurNanaimo urges City Council to finally focus on what they were elected for: the good governance of Nanaimo and the public interest.



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