Press Release Dec 11, 2017

For Immediate Release

Monday December 11, 2017

This morning a group of Our Nanaimo volunteers were up bright and early to hand out muffins and donuts to City of Nanaimo staff.  After hearing about their boycott of the annual Christmas lunch last week, citing low morale and to protest employment conditions, the group decided to do something positive to show appreciation for the workers.

Fred Pattje, a spokesperson for OurNanaimo said, “It was heartwarming to have staff come out of the building to express their appreciation.”

OurNanaimo is a grass roots group of citizens who are committed to better governance for the city of Nanaimo.


OurNanaimo is focused on effecting positive change, and committed to a better Nanaimo. OurNanaimo has set three initial goals: holding city hall accountable for good governance; better city planning; and getting ready for Election 2018.


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