Press Release: OurNanaimo Thanks Candidates’ For Their Thoughts on Governance

OurNanaimo Thanks Candidates’ For Their Thoughts on Governance

For Immediate Release

Monday, June 12, 2017

To support the objective of better governance, OurNanaimo asked all thirteen candidates running in the July 8 by-election to provide information that allows voters to assess candidates using a systematic and standardized approach, and that will support more informed voting decisions.

Eight candidates provided responses on six issues: city planning; exercising fiscal responsibility; working effectively with the current governance model; stimulating economic development and tourism; addressing social and community issues; and, contributing to the community.

Those who provided responses were Brunie Brunie, Noah Routley, Sheryl Armstrong, Kelly Whiteside, Sacia Burton, Kevin Cantelon, Fred Statham, and Alexis Taylor Middleton.

These candidates should all be commended for providing responses to our request. Nanaimo deserves not just better, but the very best governance, and that begins with the respectful, in-depth discussion of policy alternatives regarding the issues that most profoundly affect our city. What is particularly heartening is the high level of response to our request by young and female members of our community.

While OurNanaimo will not endorse any candidate, we encourage voters to look closely at the policy visions of these eight candidates.

There were three candidates who did not respond to the questionnaire: Al Thompson, Leon Cake, and Neil Saunders. We are disappointed that these candidates chose not to participate and share their views on key substantive issues facing our city. These are basic questions for any candidate considering serving our city, and voters should expect the courtesy of thoughtful responses from potential councillors on these issues. Responses were received from Jim Mercier and Kevin Storrie late Sunday, 33 hours after the stated deadline, therefore these candidates missed the editorial cut-off and cannot be included in today’s publication.

OurNanaimo will be posting the responses provided on all our platforms over the next days, issue by issue. Candidates’ personal experience, qualifications, mission statements, and their responses on city planning are now posted at and

OurNanaimo is focused on effecting positive change, and committed to a better Nanaimo. OurNanaimo has set three initial goals: holding city hall accountable for good governance; better city planning; and getting ready for Election 2018.


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