John Dacombe


WHY I JOINED OurNanaimo: In 2016, I retired and immediately moved home to the BC coast. I chose Nanaimo because of its affordability, location, natural beauty, weather, and easy access to outdoor recreation. These are Nanaimo’s strengths, and we need to build on them.

In my travels I have seen the damage poor governance does to societies, individuals and the planet. The quality of governance is what separates most stable, healthy, happy societies, from those that are violent, unhealthy and oppressive.

So the quality of Nanaimo’s governance is very important to me. That starts with electing educated, experienced, responsive, respectful councillors, and hiring qualified city staff who understand their roles as public servants.

EDUCATION: BA (Honours), History, University of Ottawa

EXPERIENCE: After a career in the Canadian Forces, as both a non-commissioned member and officer, I was a public servant in the federal government.

CURRENT COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: I volunteer with local neighbourhood associations and animal welfare groups.