Kathryn-Jane Hazel


WHY I JOINED OurNanaimo: I have lived in several cities across Canada, and Nanaimo is simply the best in terms of natural beauty, arts and culture, recreation, and most importantly, social solidarity. It upsets me greatly that the actions of our current city council are damaging the image and reputation of this wonderful community. I want Nanaimo to get the council it deserves, one that will be a model of good governance, civil conduct, strategic planning, and creative vision. This city has so much to offer!

EDUCATION: I have a BA, an MA in Journalism, and a PhD in Media Studies.

EXPERIENCE: A former journalist, I have worked for five newspapers, two magazines, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as in public relations in both B.C. and Ontario, and taught media and journalism courses in both Canada and Scotland before retiring in 2009.

I have also served on the executives of more than two dozen groups and organizations, ranging from daycares to transit commissions, municipal advisory committees to women’s groups, and arts organizations to activist groups.

CURRENT COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: I currently sit on the board of my cohousing community as well as a neighbourhood association; am involved with children’s religious education in my church congregation; do publicity for one of the choirs I sing in; and am on the local executive of a federal political party.